September, 2017

Charlene "Char" Ann Jezowski

October 13, 1970 to September 5, 2017

JEZOWSKI: Charlene “Char” Ann Jezowski was born on Oct. 13, 1970. She passed away peacefully at the Lloydminster Hospital on September 5, 2017 at the age of 46 years, surrounded by friends and family.
Char is left to mourn her loving husband and best friend Blaine of 30 years; her children Brittni and Braden and Braden’s girlfriend Alisha; her loving mother Elaine; her brothers Richard and wife Nicky, Stewart and his wife Maleisha; her mother and father-in-law, Claudette and Frank Jezowski; her sister-in-law Kathy and her husband Tony; Granny Pearl; Grandma Delma and numerous nieces and nephews.
Char was predeceased by her loving father Charlie and sister Colleen; her grandma and grandpa, August and Mary Gervais; her grandpa Alex Ross; and uncle Bruce McCloud

There are few people in life that can make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better…and we are all so blessed to have known one of these people… and her name is Char. Char lost her courageous battle to cancer, Tuesday September 5, 2017.
It is with great honour that Jared and I have been asked to share with you some of Char’s lifetime achievements, blessings and of course shenanigans! Char has been an amazing friend to both of us for as long as we can remember.
Charlene Ann Jezowski, was born to Charlie and Elaine Gervais in Edmonton. AB, on October 13, 1970. A little sister to Richard and one he was so proud of. Rich took her everywhere and always looked out for her. And then along came Stewart. Char was an amazing big sister and wherever Char went, Stu went. Many times spent together at the arcade where Char would become the foosball queen. Char was a natural and loving caregiver to Stu and very often a mother hen to both her brothers. She was so proud of you both and loved you so much. Some of her most treasured blessings you gave her and that was her nieces and nephews. Every chance she had to spend time with them, she would. Swimming, movies, geocaching or simply snuggling with them on the couch. She adored each and every moment. She passed this passion to her kids. As they love spending time with with the young ones as well.
At a young age, Char had already known the value of hard work. While living in Edmonton, she landed her first job delivering the Edmonton journal. Char was hardworking and took pride in everything she did, at every job. Even if it was putting handles on pails for 12 hours straight while working at Rheem. Her favourite career moments were her time as a TA at Father Gorman School and most recently, the last eight years at McFadyen Agencies, where Britt will carry on her smile… greeting customers.
In 1984, the Gervais family made the move to Lloydminster and instantly made many new friends, which is evident here today. One of Char’s most cherished friendships is that one with Gerry Maier. They say solid friendships stem from a deep understanding of each other, a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness and shenanigans… and these two had just that. When Char was working at McDonalds making $3.50 an hour, Gerry got her a job at Fishers Department store because the pay there was $4 an hour. Gerry was always looking out for her bud. The two of them had a lot of fun working there, even if it meant getting stuck in the elevator together and taking home some hot purses and oversized bras. And by hot, I don’t mean pretty.
A little later on in life, the two of them served food for Shirley’s Chuck wagon. Wasn’t long before they caught on to a real good thing and that was being a little extra friendly to the men they served, because seeing these men in the bar later on would land them some free drinks!
Or perhaps Char drank for free because she was also known as Miss October in Ezzie’s Country Girl Calendar.
At the age of 16, while at a party, Char happened to notice a young blue eyed, party in the back, business in the front boy, who happened to notice her as well. Blaine Jezowski, you must have made a great first impression, because Char was lovestruck. Of course it didn’t take Blaine long to fall in love with Char. On the back of a grade 11 school pic he testified his love and wrote “I am going to marry you one day”. Well on June 29 this year, Blaine and Char celebrated 21 years of marriage!
Shortly after Blaine and Char began living together, Char was wanting to impress her man and make him some pickled eggs… she was so proud until Blaine dug into the jar and excitedly took a bite out of one, only to realize Char had left all the shells still on.
On March 23, 1992 the world became a better place when Blaine and Char welcomed their beautiful blue eyed, black haired little girl in to the world. Char now had her very own live doll and later on a best friend for life. Britt and Char spent many mother daughter moments together. Getting tattoos together were one of their favourites. Especially when Char drew a moustache on the artist’s surgical mask to keep her laughing when the pain kicked in.
Well Brit, you were such a perfect baby, that Char wanted another… but Blaine wasn’t ready. Well that was until Char told him he had no choice and she would find another man who would!
And it was then on August 28, 1996, an adorable, bouncing baby boy completed the Jezowski family. Braden stole Char’s heart the moment she saw him and he was definitely a momma’s boy. She was always found front and centre cheering him on at the track and loved his thrill for adventure. She cherished her time spent with Braden and when Blaine went sledding to the mountains they would often get to enjoy her favourite childhood meal together of wieners and beans on toast.
Char’s love for the sport of ball came at an early age as she spent countless weekends at the ball diamonds cheering on her favourite orthodox pitcher… her dad aka “Chuck”.
Ball was in her blood and following in her dad’s footsteps, Char was one of the best slo pitch pitchers around. And her two favourite little people were also two of her biggest fans. Many weekends and many years were spent at the ball diamonds and were some of the best times.
Blaine and Char made countless friends playing a game they loved and when their gloves got a bit dusty and the cleats got hung up, it was then time to cheer on Britt and Braden! They loved to watch them play.
Char’s love for the game went deeper than just playing. Slo-pitch isn’t only a great way to make friends, but it’s a great way to help friends. In 2002 a friend of Char’s – Lori Craven was diagnosed with cancer. Char was involved in forming a committee that would put on a slo-pitch fundraiser tournament to help Lori with expenses. Unfortunately Lori lost her battle shortly after the tournament. The tournament was then made annual and has come to be known as the Lori Craven Memorial. Char’s dedication to this committee was immense. The tournament has become an integral part of our community and it couldn’t have happened without her. Char, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A short three weeks ago, Char attended her last Lori Craven Memorial as an honorary committee member and very proud mom. Char had the honour of shaving Braden’s head for the money he raised for the tournament. Char, I hope you and Lori are tossing the ball around up there and having a great time.
Char loved most all sports. And now that I think of it, the sports she did love and participate in were sports you could involve alcohol. I’m not judging.
On a Monday evening in the winter months, you would find Char and her team consisting of Teri Selby, Dana Davidson and Vicki Elliot down at the curling rink. I’m sure no fun was had at all. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but Char apparently had issues hitting the hog line…and if you don’t hit the hog line you a buy a round… well Char responded with “You crazies, I"m not buying a round I’m buying a bottle at the end of the year, be easier that way!”
In the summer months, Char would always be up for a game of golf, considering it was not windy or rainy. She was a fair weather golfer. That way the beer was colder. Ladies nights and Ladies of the Patch tournaments were always a blast! She was so excited when Blaine and the kids took her golfing for Mother’s Day a couple years ago and Britt and Braden actually liked it. Well you know what the kids got for Christmas that year! Char wanted to enjoy all things with her family.
Char loved being a mom, but she loved being a motocross mama even better. Since 2008, Blaine and Char spent most summer weekends track side cheering on their favourite riders. And by cheering I mean yelling FASTER! Oh how she loved watching Britt and Braden and their fellow riders. She was the coolest mom on the circuit and everyone’s mom on the circuit. She was so proud of their awards and accomplishments.
In 2003, Blaine and Char got a seasonal lot at Ministikwan Lake. She loved her lake time with her family and friends and as the years went by, their campsite grew to include a tent or two as Britt and Braden were always bringing a friend along. The more the merrier and Char welcomed them all with open arms.
Nights at the lake meant poker nights! Char was an aggressive poker player and I’m sure she had a new pair of shoes already picked out to buy with her winnings before she actually won. And in the event of a loss, she would kindly remind you to use her chips wisely.
Being the poker stars we all were, us girls thought we should make a Cold Lake run to the casino. So Char, Chantal, Colleen, Tracy, Teri and myself hop into Teri’s expedition and away we went… we’d hit up Walmart first to load up on groceries and that was always a great experience in itself trying to make room for all the goods we found and still make sure there was enough room to get all of us back to the lake.
The casino was hopping that night, even Carole and Barren Graham showed up to try their luck. Us girls entered a poker tourney and not to our surprise Tracy held on the longest. A little cranky after losing out, Teri needed a drink and Char says “Put it on Barren’s tab, we’ve all been!” I don’t think Barren was even drinking that night.
Then the drive home…. thank you Chantel for being the responsible one and volunteering to stay sober. And after a night of gambling and drinking we thought we’d hit up McDonalds! Well Cold Lake McDonalds has one less “Late Night Pick up Window” sign thanks to Char making me climb thru the window and steal it! Good times.
“Auntie Char” as all our kids called her always had the best treats in her trailer. If the kids went missing for a period of time, most likely they were on row 7 hanging with Char, snacking on something that would ruin their supper. Gerry, you were included in the treat supply too I know.
Char loved holidays! Especially the tropical ones. Their annual Mexico trip with Bob and Donna Orbeck was always one she looked forward to. So many wonderful memories were made as anyone that has traveled with the Jezowski’s knows Blaine is always up for trying something and Char was right there beside him.
Whether it be riding segways or bungee jumping, Char was always up for it. There was maybe a bit more convincing involved with the bungee jumping though. Char was a little hesitant to do it at first, but she was convinced if those 4 “old” ladies can do it, she can to!
I found a quote Char wrote on Facebook and it said “You can have all the money in the world, but without family you are worthless” - Well Char was anything but worthless. Looking around this room today, I see a beautifully painted picture of Char’s “Family”
Any chance Char had, she was planning family get togethers. Staying connected and close was very important to her. She was always genuinely interested in what was going on in her families life. Last year the family had so much fun making the long drive to High Level to take in the semi annual family pig roast. Fun was had by all. Memories were made.
You had a friend for life in Char. To know Char is to love her and it didn’t matter what she was doing or had going on, if you needed her, she was there. She had a way of making everyone feel special and loved.
Char loved all kids and all kids loved “Auntie Char”. Whether it was giving them lifesaver book treats and jammies every year at Christmas or teaching Cory at the age of 10 how to do a blue angel. Char was a kid at heart and it didn’t matter how well your parenting plan was going, when Char was finished with them it was time to start over… she spoiled them all!
“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what” CHAR WAS FAMILY to us all.
Elaine, I hope you take tremendous pride in knowing that you and Charlie raised one of the most selfless, loving and caring human beings I’ve ever met.
Char was authentic. Char was loving. Char was real. Her magnetic smile lit up a room and her infectious laugh was music to the ears. She treasured you and Charlie and all her family more than anything in the world. A mother never stops caring for her child and it meant so much to Char and the family that you were able to help out these last few months when stairs became a challenge. We are so sorry for your huge loss.
On November 27, 2016, just 10 short months ago, the wonderful and loving Charlie Gervais was taken from us. This loss was extremely hard on everyone especially daddy’s little girl, and while still grieving her father’s death, Char was having to fight for her life. They say a father/daughter bond is like no other, but Charlie, we all wish you could have waited a bit longer to want your “Lou” back in your arms. I hope you two are having a wonderful reunion up there, Lord knows Char missed you. We all do.
Blaine, you were her rock, her best friend. She fell more in love with you every day. She didn’t need diamonds and gold, she bragged about how lucky she was to have you and how much she appreciated the little things you did for her, like having her seat warmer on when she got in the truck. Her favourite love story was yours and the strength of your love is an inspiration to us all.
Britt and Braden. Your mom was and always will be your biggest fan. I know she will be cheering you on with the biggest “Braap” and with the best seat in the house. Give her a show and continue to do the things you love. Her favourite moments in time were the ones she got to spend with you. She was so proud of you both. When she talked about you two, her eyes would twinkle even more.
Take it from me… the loss you have endured will be the toughest one in life. The loss of a mother can never be replaced, but the love of a mother can never be lost. She will be with  you always.
I’d like to finish with a poem I found.
A Mother’s Crown
Heaven lit up with a mighty presence,
as the Angels all
looked down.
Today the Lord was placing the jewels
Into my mother’s crown.
He held up a golden crown,
as my darling mother looked on.
He said in Hisgentle voice,
‘I will now explaineach one.’
‘The first gem,’ He said, ‘is a Ruby,
and it’s for endurance alone,
for all the nights you waited up
for your children to come home.’
‘For all the nights by their bedside,
you stayed till the fever went down.
For nursing every little wound,
I add this ruby to your crown.’
‘An emerald, I’ll place by the ruby,
for leading your child in the right way.
For teaching them the lessons,
That made them who they are today.’
‘For always being right there,
through all life’s important events.
I give you a sapphire stone,
for the time and love you spent.’
‘For untying the strings that held them,
when they grew up and left home.
I give you this one for courage.’
Then the Lord added a garnet stone.
‘I’ll place a stone of amethyst,’ He said.
‘For all the times you spent on your knees,
when you asked if I’d take care of your children,
and then for having faithin Me.’
‘I have a pearl for every little sacrifice
that you made without them knowing.
For all the times you went without,
to keep them happy, healthy and growing.’
‘And last of all I have a diamond,
the greatest one of all,
for sharing unconditional love
whether they were bigor small.’
‘It was your love that helped them grow
Feeling safe and happy and proud
A love so strong and pure
It could shift thedarkest cloud.’
After the Lord placed the last jewel in,
He said, ‘Your crown is now complete,
You’ve earned your place in Heaven
With your children at your feet.’
We love you Char…
until we meet again

The family would like to thank Dr. Kerlis and staff at the Lloydminster Hospital for their care and compassion. McCaw Funeral Services, Reverend Paul DuVal, the staff at the Lloydminster Exhibition Association and Cody Mazerolle for their kind support and arrangements for Char’s celebration. Special thanks to the Boutin family for the casket spray, Deanna Wandler and Jared Kaluski for delivering the eulogy, Cass and Lisa for the readings, and the musicians for the wonderful tribute of music. Thank you to the Lori Craven Memorial Committee for presenting the Mock Wedding in honour of Char and to Jaxan Kaluski, the Ministikwan crew and the Lucas Bachman Memorial for the display of support. To everyone that sent food, flowers, text messages, phone calls and for all the donations made in memory of Char, thank you. To friends and family who traveled long distances and to everyone who took time to share in Char’s celebration of life. Due to the overwhelming support we received during this time, we are truly sorry if we missed anyone.
Forever grateful.
Blaine, Brittni,Braden & Alisha
The Gervais and Jezowski families

Mary Meyers

September 8, 1926 to August 31, 2017

We little knew that morning,
God was going to call your name,
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
You did not go alone.
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you,
You are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.

Mary will be missed by
all who knew her.
We miss you Aunty Mary.

Vivienne Grace Popowich

February 5, 1933 to August 13, 2017

Vivienne Grace Popowich passed away at the Lloydminster Hospital, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at the age of 84 years.
Vivienne is survived by: her loving husband, George Popowich; her children, Gerald (Holly) Popowich, Joyce (Miles) Jurke and Glen (Christine) Popowich; her grandchildren, Jacqueline (Trent) Rowley, Nicole (Kelly) Small, Luther Jurke, Katelyn Popowich and Gerad Popowich; her great grandchildren, Rachel Popowich and Chase Small; sisters-in-law, Fay Payne and Betty Payne.
Vivienne was predeceased by: her Mom and Dad, Kathleen and Norman Payne; her brothers, Ken, Lloyd and Allan Payne; her mother and father-in-law, Ann and Peter Popowich; and her nephew, Arnold Payne. 
The funeral service for Vivienne was conducted from the Grace United Church, Lloydminster, Alberta on Friday, August 18, 2017 at 1:30 pm with Reverend Gary Stobbs officiating.
The pallbearers were: Trever Payne, Clayton Payne, Thomas Popowich, Daryl Payne, Ken Rausch and Blaine Cullen.
Interment was held at the Northminster Cemetery, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.
Donations in memory of Vivienne may be made to the Northminster Cemetery or Lloydminster Emergency Care Service.
Mom was born on February 5, 1933 to Kathleen and Norman Payne here in Lloydminster and grew up in the Greenwood District. She was the lone sister to 3 brothers, Ken, Lloyd and Allan. Family was very important to Mom and she cherished her memories growing up and would always enjoy sharing a story or two of the trouble they got into or the people they helped. She worked in Lloydminster as a telephone operator, spent time with cousins and friends, then one evening at a local school dance she met a handsome young man named George Popowich. They settled on the Popowich family farm 12 miles northwest of Lloydminster and celebrated 65 years together this year in June.
Not only did they build their dream farm, they built a home and a welcoming place to gather for everyone. Mom and dad’s was the place to be at coffee time, after a good hard storm, the occasional meal and almost every Sunday something was going on.
The home I mentioned started in 1954 with Gerald’s arrival and then myself in 1959. Mom and Dad were very settled and content as a family of four, but 11 years later in 1970, they decided to stir the pot and Glen arrived.
Mom loved her role on the farm, finding balance between us kids, helping Dad where she could and working tirelessly in her garden, the place she found her peace. She became our expert on how to prepare and plant a garden, put away preserves and balance it all off with her many flower gardens which were ever changing and evolving. All three of us kids are proud to be able to point somewhere in our own yards today and show you the legacy that she has left behind for us to care for and make our own.
Caregiver - a word that many say describe Mom in a nutshell. As kids we remember her working to balance the needs of those she wanted to care for along with the needs at home, often trying to be in two places at once, and often succeeding. She was never comfortable being in the role of needing help and wanted every day to ensure those she loved, especially her husband, were comfortable, cared for and loved.
Mom did have a small rebellious side - especially when she was driving. As kids we all remembered once she hit highway 17 on our way to town the pedal went to the floor. Dad and even one of us would give her that look and she would simply say “I"m cleaning out the carburetor!” She secretly enjoyed her cars and with a twinkle in her eye would rarely turn down a chance to ride or drive anything fast on four wheels!
In reflecting with many this week there are a lot of memories that have been shared and many kind words echoed about Mom and I want to share a few with you;
•  A Precious Lady with a Good Grand Heart.
•  An honest, considerate woman - always concerned for family.
•  A Night Bird - available at any time for a chat or a good puzzle.
•  A meticulous organizer who recorded and documented all that mattered to her.
I would like to close on the strength of Mom’s faith. She had a hidden faith that some didn’t know, but was always there. Her Grandmother helped show her the right road to walk, to attend church on a regular basis and life Eternal is what counts. Her mom and uncle continued cultivating her faith as she attended church at St. Luke’s Northminster and St. John’s Anglican Church. She taught Sunday school, was leader of the J.A.‘s, was a member of the ACW, helped with the Northminster Cemetery, and much much more. Mom passed her love of Jesus onto her children and knew it was a choice each of us had to make, but no matter our path she was there for each of us.
In Mom’s words; When one comes near the end of our journey, it all looks so different from when we were young. We see where we failed to do as we should. Good deeds cannot save us, only the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse from all sin. Believe in him and thou shalt be saved.
We would like to thank all those that sent flowers, cards and condolences to us during this time of our Mom’s passing. We greatly appreciate all the messages, stories and words of encouragement we have received.  We would also like to thank the many staff at the Lloydminster Hospital, Reverend Stobbs, the Grace United Church, the Anglican Church and McCaw Funeral Service.
George, Gerald, Joyce, Glen & Families

Jean Althea (nee Murray) Stewart

May 1, 1921 to August 27, 2017

Jean Althea Stewart (nee Murray) was born on May 1, 1921 in Wainwright, Alberta and passed away on August 27, 2017 at the age of 96 years.
Jean leaves to mourn her loss: daughter, Pat (Erwin) DeSchover; son, Robert (Patsy) Stewart; daughter, Gail (Bill) Oak; daughter, Shirley (Larry) Flint; 22 grandchildren, 60 great grandchildren and 41 great great grandchildren.
Jean was predeceased by her husband, Bob, of 66 years, and three children, Marian Hodgson, Murray Stewart and Judy Crocker.
Jean was a lady of many talents which included oil painting, sewing, quilting, curling, golfing, bowling, and horseshoes.  She loved her family and had unwavering faith in God which helped her through the death of her children and husband.
Jean will be sadly missed.

Olive Duriez

May 18, 1918 to August 25, 2017

Olive was born in St. Hippolyte (Edam Area) on May 18, 1918 to Joseph and Dorothy Turenne.  She attended the St. Hippolyte school which was approximately 9 km from their homestead.  When she was 10 years old, their family of 7 moved to a new farm 6 km south of Paradise Hill and she attended Sylvan Hill School. She worked for a short period in Saskatoon and on October 25, 1938, she married Maurice Duriez in Butte St. Pierre.  They began their lives on the farm at a homestead 10 km northeast of Paradise Hill. They farmed a hard but enjoyable life, mixed farming, cattle and grain, and did lots of canning for a growing family of 8 sons and one daughter.  Olive lived on the farm until October, 1994, when they moved into a seniors home in Lloydminster. After Maurice passed away on January 23, 1995, Mom stayed in Lloydminster at the seniors home and then 3 ½  years in Points West Long Term Care Home.  In June of 2017 she moved to the St. Walburg Care Home where she passed away peacefully. Olive lived through some hard times but had a long, happy fulfilling life. Many memories of Christmas gatherings and card games with family and friends will not be forgotten.  Olive remained very close to the Lord, her strong faith in her church, and always kept her Rosary near, with her daily prayers.
She is predeceased by: her husband, Maurice; her parents, Joseph and Dorothy Turenne; her son, baby Maurice; her brothers, Raymond, Marcel, Gilbert, Dollard, Theodore, Richard, and Gerald; her sister, Annette; and her daughter-in-law, Ellie Duriez.
Olive is survived by: her children, George, Donald (Ida), Raymond (Pat), Louis (Gale), Clement (Nicole), Aimie (Esther), Lionel (Dixie), Janette Campbell, and Daniel (Donna); her brother, John (Betty) Turenne; her 19 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Cards of Thanks
Family and friends of Olive wish to express a special thank you to Fr. Sebatstian Kunnath for presiding at the funeral service at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Paradise Hill.  Heather Salzl and the church choir for their beautiful music and also the Paradise Hill CWL for providing a great after service luncheon.
Our family would like to thank the nurses and caring staff the last 3 months at the St. Walburg Care Home.  Also all the care workers at Points West Living in Lloydminster for their care and attention given to Olive for 3 ½ years.
Olive’s family wish to thank all the staff at Marshalls funeral Home Ltd. In St. Walburg for their kind support and arrangements for the funeral service in our time of need.
Thank you to all who contributed donations and cards of sympathy.

Randy Britton

It is with profound sadness that the family of Randy Britton of Lac Sante, Alberta formerly of Pierceland, Saskatchewan announces his tragic passing on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at the age of 67 years.
Randy is lovingly survived by his wife of 47 years: Dianne Britton of Lac Sante, AB; son: Marty (Tami) Britton of Airdrie, AB; two daughters: Nichole (Scott) Watson of Edmonton, AB, Rhonda (Brad) Johnston of Lloydminster, AB; eleven grandchildren: Darby, Kobe, Rhayne, Madi, Berlynn, Carter, Merek, Jersey, Burke, Prentyss, Declan; two sisters: Arlene (Ed) Majeski of Viking, AB, Linda (Roger) Rhyason of Cold Lake, AB; sister-in-law: Lorna Britton of Calgary, AB.
Randy was predeceased by his parents: Norman Britton in 2013 and Ora Britton in 2014; two brothers: Marty Britton in 1974, Art Britton in 2016; sister: Patricia Eistetter in 1998.
Funeral service, Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm, Pierceland Community Hall, Pierceland, Saskatchewan with Randy’s Godson, Darcy Niedermaier as Master of Ceremonies. Pallbearers: Alan Britton, Miles Britton, Wayne Britton, Shane Britton, George Britton, JP Claire, Craig Grant, Jim Baier. Cremation to follow. Final resting place, to take place at a later date at the Pierceland Community Cemetery, Pierceland, SK.
Memorial tributes in memory of Randy may be sent to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, 800-8215-112 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2C8.
Please visit our website at to view online obituary and send condolences.
Arrangements were in care of Memento Funeral Chapel, Cold Lake, Bonnyville and St. PauL (780) 639-3113 or toll free 1-866-594-3113.  The Thackeray Family ~ A Tradition of Trust since 1975.

Richard Henry Debert 1962 - 2017

Richard (Stretch) Debert passed away peacefully at Hospice in Kamloops on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at the age of 54, surrounded by his wife and children.
He is survived by his loving wife of 22 years Bernice; son Peter (Stacy) of Rochester, NY; daughters Christy (Chris) of Edmonton, AB and Aimee (Gavin) of Sun Peaks, BC; grandchildren Liam and Peyton; father Dave of Cache Creek; brother Kelly (Kathy); sister Donna (Rob); and mother-in-law Audrey; as well as numerous brother/sister-in-law’s, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Richard was predeceased by his mother Agnes and father-in-law Jim Toms.
Richard was known for having a heart as big as he was. He had a passion for curling, was a great teammate and his passing will leave a big hole in the hearts of all who knew him. Richard enjoyed playing slo-pitch and in his younger years, hockey. He loved watching all sports and had a great memory for statistics. Richard will be remembered for his love of the card table and his famous chocolate chip cookies. Richard was so proud of his children and always talked about them.
There is no formal service by his request.
Should friends desire, donations may be made in memory of Richard to the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Memorial Hospice Home, 72 Whiteshield Cres. S, Kamloops, BC V2E 2S9; and/or Canadian Cancer Society Freemason Volunteer Driver Program, 2251 Abbott Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1E2. Both programs provide necessary no to low cost services for persons battling cancer.
Condolences may be expressed to the family at

Donald R. Jones

November 11, 1952 to August 31, 2017

Donald R. Jones from Calgary, Alberta was born Nov. 11, 1952 and grew up on the family farm near Marsden, Saskatchewan. Passed away at Peter Lougheed Hospital on August 31, 2017 at the at of 64 years.