Knowing when you should get betting paid breaks

I get two unpaid coffee breaks and one unpaid lunch break every day. The problem is the area outside my office is unsafe to walk in during the day due to construction. Since I can’t really leave… more »

A few questions and some answers

I’ve been humbled by the number of people who called the office or stopped me in public asking if I was going to continue writing my column as they hadn’t seen it the last few weeks in the… more »

Back to school, not back in debt

Many parents will agree that once your children are of school age, it’s tempting to spend more on what they wear. more »

I go out walkin', after midnight…

Patsy Cline had the right idea when she crooned these words. If you choose an evening in summer when the sky is crystal clear, the moon rides high and the fractious breeze has soothed itself to sleep,… more »

So, you want to be a pioneer?

Could you let horses set the tempo for your life?  Stopping when they need to rest makes for a natural break in the daily routine for a pioneer. more »

Not a spectator sport…

It’s a rarely spoken fact amongst sports fans; some sports are just more enjoyable to play rather than watch from the sidelines. more »

You're only as old as you feel

Am I getting old? Hang on—before you respond and are never forgiven, keep in mind it was purely a rhetorical question not needing an answer. more »

Not only for the money

The Internet and social media claim to bring friends closer together by allowing us continual entry into each other’s homepages and the carefully curated pictures and status’ found there. more »

Gardening does a 180

Not long ago, the typical image of a Canadian garden consisted of a broad sweep of impatiens across the front of the house, a solid mass of unbroken colour that knocked your eyes out. This framing a manicured,… more »

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