Condo alerts

Purchasing a condominium can be a great housing solution for many different buyers, not just first-time home owners looking to build equity instead of paying rent. more »

Bye bye butterfly

The monarch butterfly is in decline.
It has been for some time, and Canadian Wildlife magazine reports it still is.
So what? more »

Planning on a pet?

Pets can be an essential part of the family.
Just about all of us have fond memories of a childhood pet and playmate of some sort. more »

Exceptional service

What defines good service?
Even better, exceptional service?
I have been going to the Lea Park Rodeo north of Marwayne for more than 50 years.
First, it was with my parents. more »

The title should have read 'the good guys won'

I’m going to miss the Western Canada Cup (WCC). A little over a year ago I had the incredible opportunity to cover this event while working as a sports reporter with the Estevan Mercury and Southeast… more »

Advice for the weekend warrior

When the snow melts in the spring, many homeowners look around their property with renewed energy and see a number of projects that need attention as the days get longer and warmer. more »

Coping with change

We can merely hypothesize that Isaac Newton wasn’t the only person around to notice an apple falling from a tree in the 1600s. more »

Don't leaf yet, it's time for Tree news

Have you noticed?
We are not respectful of our trees. I believe this is because they don’t advertise well. more »

Dads—real life heroes

During the Middle Ages in Catholic Europe, Saint Joseph’s Day (“Nourisher of the Lord”) was set aside to honour fatherhood, but a North American celebration didn’t begin until… more »

Letters to the editor

Mayor responds to critic Dear editor: Thank you for the opportunity to respond to concerns shared in Mr. Klamot’s letter, (The honeymoon is over, June 1 Lloydminster Source). In his letter, Mr. Klamot… more »

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