Furniture Clinic set to close after 45 years

By Jessica Dempsey

June 7, 2018 9:37 AM

Furniture Clinic will be closing their doors after 45 years. Larry Olynyk, part owner, said everything is at least 15 per cent off, and there are sales up to 70 per cent off in the store. JESSICA DEMPSEY LLS PHOTO

After 45 years in Lloydminster, Furniture Clinic will be closing their doors.
It might not be how Larry and his brother Rob Olynyk may have thought they would go out, but Larry said now is the time.
“I didn’t expect to get this old this soon,” joked Larry, adding how the economy has not been a helpful factor.
“I’ve had people say ‘maybe your timing is wrong,’ but how long do you wait it out? There has to be something more than work, work, die.”
What started out as a small shop in spring of 1973 where Arby’s is currently located evolved and moved into the current store everyone knows and loves today in downtown Lloydminster 26 years ago.
“Here we are in 2018 trying to make an exit,” said Larry.
For the last two years Larry and Rob have been trying to find ways to sell the store, but it hasn’t proved successful, so they decided it was time to close.
“It’s almost like a death in a way,” said Larry. “We would have dearly loved to have somebody take it over, and we have been trying for two years to sell now … so at this point, it’s how long do you ride it out, how long do you wait?”
With Furniture Clinic going out of business, there will be a void in the area for a place that does upholstery and refinishing.
Larry noted they would service people from Cold Lake, down to Provost and over to North Battleford and Vegreville.
Having been a local business in Lloydminster for 45 years, Larry said the thing he will miss the most is the social interactions.
“I think my biggest thing is going to be people deprivation. Just not having people from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. All of a sudden you’re going to have quite a void there,” he said.
Larry has created so many memories over the past 45 years. Some of them include selling dining sets to NHL hockey stars, and providing a presentation piece to the Royals when they visited Weaver Park.
“I would like to think one of our things is sitting there on a mantelpiece in a castle in England,” he said. 
Being ingrained in the Lloydminster community, Larry not only offered a store for many resident’s needs, but he also helped with getting the clock in the clock tower to work.
“Eventually we got the thing ticking again. I was quite proud after that long we got the clock tower going again. The only thing I’d like to do now is getting a little bit more amplification to the dongs,” he said.
As part of the process of closing, Furniture Clinic is having a liquidation sale, where everything is reduced starting at 15 per cent off and going up to 70 per cent off.
“We thought ‘well we are going to have a pretty substantial sale right from the get-go.’ There isn’t a single thing in this store that isn’t less than 15 per cent off,” said Larry.
The sale also includes fireworks, which they sell at the store.
Larry is planning for a full retirement, and hopefully to enjoy the extra time he has on his hands.
“I’d have to thank each and every person that has ever phoned us or been in the store. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have been here for 45 years,” said Larry.

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