Interesting people

By Vern McClelland

April 18, 2018 2:14 PM

I have been a Realtor for 15 years, meeting literally thousands of people along the way during my career.
To be invited into someone’s life, even for a short while, is an honour and can leave you with lasting memories.
Some clients have become friends while there have been a few I would never do business with again.
I have seen young couples at their lowest, experiencing the heartbreak of a relationship breakdown.
Mad at each other, and sometimes, the world, including the people who are trying to help them.
Or very happy, when they receive the keys to their first home or make the move to the acreage they have always wanted.
I have had widows and widowers sob at the kitchen table, telling me how lonely it is living in a home they had shared with a spouse of many years.
Then seen the joy in that same person’s face when he or she introduces me to their “new” significant other, one or two years later.
However, this column is about those men and women who take ahold of their situation and pursue a dream.
K is one of those. When I first met him, he had moved into the area to join his brother in a trucking venture which was a significant departure from working in the family funeral home business.
I sold him an oversized double garage with a funky two-bedroom loft apartment above.
Talk about a bachelor pad; the motorcycle and Jeep were kept close downstairs while upstairs was all about relaxing with friends on the balcony or in front of the big screen television.
One day he called me at the office and asked if I had time for coffee.
Turns out, he wanted to try something different, not sure what, but he hired me to sell his home and shop, and off he went.
First, was an extended holiday scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, and upon return to Canada, he enrolled in a flight school in Calgary.
He made himself useful, and soon was working for one of adjacent specialty airline contractors doing whatever they needed while he racked up enough flight hours to become commercially licensed.
Then he disappeared.
A few months later, I received a photo by email taken of penguins with a short note saying he would be in Antarctica for three more months.
Now, to my way of thinking, one does not easily drop by the South Pole, so what the?
Later that year, over lunch with him, I learned he got a phone call from the boss one night saying a member of a flight crew supporting scientific expeditions for the “summer” season on the bottom of the world had taken seriously ill while en route with the plane in South America and would K like to take his place?
Would he? Forty-eight hours later, he was a co-pilot flying over an ocean between the two continents.
Turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime.
Now he is hooked. Half the year in Antarctica; the other half, in the Arctic.
The best part? He is chronicling his journeys with quality photos and documented information worthy of the National Geographic.
We all get to share in his dream.
And that is a beautiful thing.

Vern McClelland is an associate broker with RE/MAX of Lloydminster. He can be reached at (780) 808-2700, through or by following the Midwest Group Lloydminster on Facebook.

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