Seguin to crack up the border

By Geoff Lee

April 12, 2018 12:32 PM

Montreal comedian Derek Seguin will perform a standup comedy show called Derek Seguin 43.0 at the Vic Juba Community Theatre on May 25. Seguin opened at this year’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival with his funny Quebecois flare. He is coming to Lloyd with comedian Sean Lecomber who will perform a 15-minute warm up routine. They have both been regular guests on CBC Radio’s The Debaters. SUPPLIED PHOTO

The bi-provincial border character of Lloydminster should inspire a few jokes from standup Quebecois comedian Derek Seguin on his national tour which brings him to Alberta.
“I don’t know; it depends on how Lloydminster strikes me I guess when I get there—I’ve never been there,” said the Montreal-based comedian.
He’ll be at the Vic Juba Community Theatre on May 25, in between stops at Cold Lake and Edmonton on his comedy show Derek Seguin 43.0 tour to Alberta.
“When I was trying to coordinate some posters, it was the first time I realized we had a town in Canada between two provinces,” said Seguin who spoke from his home.
“I will definitely have to mention that because I will have try to guess which part people are from ... this guy’s a ‘di*k’; I guess he’s from Alberta,” he joked.
Canadian audiences best recognize Seguin’s voice from his numerous appearances on CBC Radio’s The Debaters where he has performed close to 30 times, plus two episodes of the show on CBC Television.
Fellow The Debaters’ frequent guest on CBC Radio, Sean Lecomber will join Seguin on the road to warm up the Lloydminster audience and get them excited.
“I am very lucky that he is willing to hang out with me for a few days,“said Sequin, who will perform a one hour long set based on his 2017 album, “Derek Seguin 43.0 – Warning: May Contain Nuts.”
He said the version he is doing now has evolved since the album was recorded so there will be differences for the audiences.
“What I have been doing for most of the show is a whole chunk that isn’t even on the album—on any given night I do the material I feel like doing,” he said.
“You never quite know, but I try to include the chunk about food allergy—that’s where the warning: may contain nuts comes from.”
He said he did pay a lot for all the advertising so he wants to at least get that joke out “to justify the stupid name of the show,” as he put it.
The 43.0 part of the album and tour was his age when he completed the first part of a 12-city national tour across Canada last spring organized by HubCap Promotions.
There are 21 stops on the final part of the tour that kicked off about three weeks ago and runs into June.
Seguin is a single dad living with a girlfriend with no kids, who said apparently, his life is hilarious.
“When it started out I was just trying to get something off my chest and they were laughing at my misery—I’m like oh wow, I’ve got so much more of this sh*t you’re gonna love,” he joked.
His latest set at the Halifax Comedy Festival just aired on CBC.
Seguin also tried his luck auditioning for America’s Got Talent, which is set to air on NBC in May, but his lips are sealed on the outcome.
“I can tell you I had fun; you have to tune in in May to see what it looks like,” he said.
His next stop in April is the opening night of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival before his tour to Alberta where he has performed numerous times in Edmonton and Calgary.
He has a pilot friend named Douglas in Edmonton who will take him to Cold Lake and Lloydminster in a small plane.
“It sounds so rock star—the first time he took me up—forget how much money I make—I’m officially a successful show business type,” he joked.
Tickets to the show are $37.50 and are available at the Vic Juba box office, or at For more information call 780-872-7400.

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