Community aids rescue squad

By Geoff Lee

April 11, 2018 12:59 PM

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School students are building a new office for the Lloydminster Rescue Squad. Pictured inside the framed building are back row l-r: Rescue squad deputy Chief Ryan LeBlanc and students Colten Dykstra, Justin Vance and Boundary Ford marketing manager Steve Cassidy. In front are Matthew Bendick and Dakota Dyer. Boundary is funding the project with many supply partners onboard. GEOFF LEE LLS PHOTO

A little help goes a long way. 
The Lloydminster Rescue Squad will soon have its first-ever office building thanks to cash and material donations from community partners and sweat equity from students.
Construction and carpentry students from Lloydminster Comprehensive High School are framing the 22’ by 42’ structure along with the insulation, drywall and electrical work.
“It’s an excellent opportunity for the kids to give back to the community, as well as having their unique experience for their semester,” said LCHS construction instructor Mark Grillandini.
Grade 11 Construction 20 student Justin Vance said it’s a great learning experience with his class mostly doing the framing, flooring and the interior and exterior walls.
“We learned a lot about all the pieces that go into a house and everything that needs to go in place and all the measurements and how far nails have to be,” he said.
It’s being built outside like a ready-to-move or RTM home.
“This building we are getting is just for our administration, so it will house our admin work,” said deputy Chief Ryan LeBlanc, who was recently elected to his post.
“We’re still going to be in the same building as the Britannia Fire Department with all our equipment.”
The students started to install the trusses for the building on Tuesday with a June completion target.
“It’s actually turned into quite a big community project for Lloydminster; we’re pretty excited about the whole thing,” said LeBlanc.
The project came about after Grillandini asked the rescue squad if they knew of any bigger projects the LCHS construction program could tackle after making and selling sheds for years.
“We thought in 33 years, Lloyd Rescue has never had any kind of building to call their own,” said LeBlanc.
“We actually drew the plans on a scrap piece of paper and it turned into a reality for us, so we’re pretty excited.”
All of the materials for the project are funded by a $45,000 donation by the Boundary Ford Gives Fund after the rescue squad approached the company to ask if they could help.
“The Boundary Ford Gives program has been extremely helpful to Lloyd Rescue,” said LeBlanc.
Boundary put the project on the front burner knowing the facility the rescue squad works out of is not really up to the standards of what they need.
“We looked into finances and seeing what we could do, but more importantly for us, because we are so community involved, we wanted to step up in the community to see who could help,” said Steve Cassidy, marketing manager at Boundary Ford.
“The first thing we did is reach out to Lloyd Comp—they jumped in with two feet right away.”
The word spread quickly to other companies in the community who volunteered to supply products and services to help the rescue squad.
“Once everyone stepped up, it was a no brainer to put our resources into this,” said Cassidy.
“From sitting back and seeing what’s happened, I’m just so proud of everybody who’s been involved, the school and the students, the effect that it’s going to create for everybody.”
Help is coming from companies such as Cooper Concrete to build the foundation, the RM of Britannia for making the property available, and R&D Plumbing and Heating who is supplying the furnace and air conditioning.
Also playing active roles are Foam Masters that are supplying and applying spray foam to the floor, Quick Pick with the use of temporary fencing, Homes to Go that is helping to construct the floor and Nelson Lumber with materials.
“We’re having a lot of people coming by taking a look,” said Grillandini.
“The framing crews came out from Homes to Go to show the kids how professionals work—that was a pretty neat experience for the kids.”
Grade 11 student Matthew Bendick says the opportunity to work on an office will give him experience for future trades he may pursue as a career.
“We’re learning about all the different materials, everything that goes into a house,” he said.
The students’ work is being inspected by JWS Inspection Services with K&R Movers ready to transport the office to its new home.
Grillandini says LCHS would definitely like to do another one of these projects.
“So far it’s been a great experience for everybody, so if another opportunity presents itself I would definitely consider it,” he said, noting the pace is a lot faster than it is on a shed.
Cassidy said a lot of people stepped up to help knowing firsthand how the rescue squad has saved lives and how they too need the help of other companies to survive as a non profit.
“Good things come to good people—these guys are great people; they deserve this for sure—we’re really proud to be a part of this; we’re just able to be the driver for this,” he said.
“Everything we do for the Boundary Ford Gives Fund, it’s all for the community.”
The rescue squad is looking for someone to help out with some carpeting and to supply a few outstanding electrical components.
“We’re just looking for those last two pieces of the puzzle and we’re all set,” said LeBlanc, who added there will be a grand opening when the office is in place.
LeBlanc’s priority as deputy Chief is to increase the size of the volunteer squad from 17 to 20-21 members and help Chief Norm Namur with some of his duties.
“We are always looking for volunteers,” said LeBlanc, who is anticipating a busy year.
“With this new office coming, we’ve got some pretty exciting projects on the way.”
There are plans to run educational programs there and teach students lifesaving techniques and different things to help them in day-to-day life.

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