Local pastor witnesses iconic moment in Israel

By Taylor Weaver

April 5, 2018 9:02 AM

Pastor Ken Fisher and members of his congregation at Southridge Community Church recently returned from a trip to Israel, where Fisher was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to Knesset and witness the reading of the Reading or the Torah. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Local pastor Ken Fisher, best know as Paster Ken of Southridge Community Church,  recently returned from Israel with members of his congregation where he was fortunate enough to witness a monumental event.
Fisher received an invitation to attend the first-ever Bible study or reading of the Old Testament, or Reading of the Torah as it’s called, between both Jews and non-Jews in the same room, which he described is pretty historic, especially considering it took place within Knesset (National Legislature of Israel).
“My first time time in Israel I met a man by the name of Dean Bye and he oversees a ministry called Return Ministries, which is all about settling Jews back in the land of Israel, and I took our group this time, which was my second time, to his ministry site and spent some time with him, developed a deeper friendship, and by the end of that day he mentioned to me he was heading to Knesset, which is the parliament in Israel,” explained Fisher.
“When Dean let me know about the opportunity I quickly jumped on it and jumped through the security hoops and the next thing I know I’m sitting in this Knesset meeting listening to the Torah being read by Jews, and questions were being asked by non-Jews and Christians, and I was part of something pretty historic.”
In Fisher’s eyes, the event held such significance due to the fact the Old Testament and Isaiah Chapter 2 speaks of all the nations gathering at God’s holy temple and hearing the Torah taught and spoke, “which holds great importance to Jews.”
“For me as a non-Jew, as a Christian man, hearing them speak of the significance of Jews coming back in floods to Israel was a prophetic word being fulfilled by Jeremiah Chapter 16, so for me it was just really cool to be a part of an event where Jews and non-Jews are gathered together in Jerusalem, at parliament, reading the Word, and just seeing the regathering of God’s people in the promise land,” said Fisher.
The first time Fisher went to Israel was more of a personal familiarization trip with the intent to one day return with members of his congregation to tour the Holy City.
Since he has achieved that goal of bringing a group to Israel, he hopes to be able to lead another trip in the future.
Everything happens for a reason, and Fisher explained he was simply in the right place at the right time, which led him to receive such an honourable invitation, and on a larger scale, he sees this historic Reading of the Torah taking place for one of two reasons.
“In my opinion as a Christ follower, it’s one of two things. We’re at a time and a point in history where something like 1,500 when the reformation took place with Martin Luther and you saw this branch of Protestantism branch off from the Catholic Church take place which was major in regards to church and faith and spirituality, something like that is happening, or it’s nearing what the Bible would call the second coming of Christ. So it’s one of those two things,” he said.
“I don’t proclaim to know what it is, but I do think there’s something significant brewing in the world and I feel like God only knows, and I’m just glad to be along for the ride and to have fun while it happens.”
As far as the overall experience goes, Fisher described it as surreal, as he was rubbing shoulders with known Members of Knesset (MKs) such as MK Yehudi Glick, a man who’s been an advocate for the Temple Mount for some time and in the past has been shot for fighting for his beliefs.
As a spectator to such a monumental event, Fisher returned to Canada humbled by the experience with the philosophy, “only God can know the answer to those things and I’m quite comfortable with him understanding things that I don’t.”

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