One hundred 4 1,000 hits Border City

By Robert Lister

March 8, 2018 1:10 PM

The Lloydminster Community Youth Centre (LCYC) held a fundraising event called “One Hundred 4 1000,” on Feb. 27, and the purpose of the gathering was to raise money to support the organization, which relies 100 per cent on donations for funding.
The LCYC has been operating since 1994 under different names, but throughout the years its goal of providing a safe environment and a variety of activities for kids has remained unchanged. The centre also invests wholeheartedly in the future of local youth by providing leadership, mentorship, and skill-building programs.
Angela Rooks-Trotzuk, CEO of the Lloydminster Interval Home, outlined the details of the “One Hundred 4 1000” event.
“The premise is we want a 100 people to donate $1,000 to the youth centre per year. That’s our big over-arching goal.”
Of course, not everyone is able to make such a generous donation all at once, leading the LCYC to give benefactors the option to make quarterly or monthly contributions.
“We want people to feel passionate about our youth but also feel that they could manage supporting the Youth Centre,” Rooks-Trotzuk explained.
The LCYC has conducted multiple fundraisers with various organizations in the past, but this will be the first time they attempt something of this event’s scale. While there are many organizations supporting and working with youth in Lloydminster, the LCYC is the city’s only dedicated youth centre and received over 6,000 visits last year.
“Since moving into our new building we’ve averaged 30 to 35 youth visits per night,” Rooks-Trotzuk stated, adding the figures are even more impressive given the centre is open Wednesday to Saturday from 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Rooks-Trotzuk emphasized the importance of maintaining the LCYC and its capacity to improve the lives of young people, while helping them prepare for a prosperous future.
“We are a place that youth can come and have a safe community of their own, where they can have fun and be social. They also are given access to information and support relevant to their needs, as well as programming to help them make healthy and positive choices in their lives,” she said.
The kids at the youth centre are able to participate in the Lloydminster community by various means, one being volunteer work.
They regularly walk dogs or play with cats at the SPCA, and visit the various senior homes once a month.
The overall goal of the fundraiser is to raise $100,000 this year. The money will not only go into upkeep and administration costs, but will also expand the variety of programs the LCYC offers and allow more youth to participate in more activities.
For more information on the campaign and how to donate please visit

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