Never enough time!

By Helen Row Toews

November 29, 2017 2:23 PM


When you earn your living from the land it seems as though there are never enough hours in a day do all that needs doing.
There are animals to care for, crops to plant and tend, buildings to maintain, fences to fix and machinery that needs constant attention.
Low and behold you get a good stretch of warm weather, hurry to the field with a smirk on your face (thinking how you’ve finally got a jump on things) and something breaks down.
By the time you get it fixed and pull out of the yard again – it starts to rain. How frustrating!
As Daylight Saving Time came and went this year I remembered years ago when my father complained bitterly about the leap forward in spring.
This disruption in his daily routine and the loss of one perfectly good hour, was a source of great annoyance to him. One year he flatly refused to comply.
Griping loudly about losing much needed sleep, he stood glaring up at the clock on our kitchen wall. His refusal was accepted by the rest of the family, with minimal eye rolling, but it soon posed a significant problem.
My brother and I were still in school, mom held a part-time job in Lloydminster and we had various events to attend.
“Alright Les,” my mother said in exasperation as she prepared school lunches early one morning, “You have to get the kids to school for nine, which is eight to you, and then you say you’ll be working with cattle till noon.
But is that your noon or mine? Lunch congealed on the stove for an hour yesterday waiting for you.” She paused and dad purposefully made for the door, head down, eyes averted. Mom fell into step right behind him.
“Oh, and don’t forget we have a concert in town tonight at the hall.
We need to be there at seven which of course is six to you so you’d better be in to clean up by four thirty your time because if you show up at five like you did last week, that’s six to us and we’ll have missed the whole bloody thing.”
She drew a long exaggerated breath, eyeing him darkly as she waved a peanut butter sandwich at his retreating back.
Needless to say, this schedule couldn’t be maintained over the long haul and quickly passed into historic memoirs later referenced under the heading, “A Season of Trouble.” 
Time is also a problem as we age.
Days and years slip by all too quickly and suddenly one day we’re told our high school graduating class is gathering for a 40th reunion.
I’m not suggesting this event is in any way linked to me, but FORTY! How can it possibly be?
At times like this, human nature leads us to reflect back on all we meant to achieve, if only we had made the time.
Often, we dwell too long in the negative, where regrets can overwhelm us.
My greatest aspiration in life was to be a writer. It’s documented clearly in the LCHS yearbook alongside my spotty visage and frizzy hair.
I can honestly say, while I enjoy my job very much, I did not, as a teenager, lie awake nights dreaming of becoming a bus driver.
Also, returning as an EA to the elementary school I once frequented as a child didn’t figure even remotely into future plans I’d mapped out.
In fact, as I shook the dust from my feet on the last day of Grade 9, I recall vowing never to return.
Nonetheless, we play the hand we’re dealt and I’m happy.
Is there some point to all this whining you may ask? Why yes, I believe there is.
I have a wondrous solution handed to me many years ago by a dear man named Dugald McTavish.
I unearthed it recently from a dusty cardboard box where it had been forgotten. (No wonder I’ve slidden so far behind!) Now I’ve found it again I expect to get much more accomplished.
It’s simply this – a Round Tuit. This particular “Round Tuit” comes in the form of a small circular plaque which is easily transportable and may be applied to any time constrained situation you find yourself in. It’s rare mind you.
I’ve only ever seen one, but I’m sure you could locate it if you looked hard enough.
In every situation where you find yourself saying, “I’d have finished that project long ago if I could get – around to it,” or “This job needs doing, but I just can’t get – around to it,” you now have no excuse.
Think of the possibilities! If you acquired your very own round tuit, a lack of time would never plague you again.
Henceforth, I shall carry mine with me everywhere. Oh, and when my novel hits the shelves, you’ll be the first to know.

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