I paid $100 for socks — that's right, 100 bucks


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February 18, 2016 1:46 PM

A little sprinkle of snow, a little touch of cold weather down to 18 below.
Not bad so far.
I personally, in my 70 years on this earth, don’t remember a winter that has been so mild for so long.  We’ve had a January thaw before that used to wreck the Waseca Curling Bonspiel when we had a curling rink, but it usually returned to a normal winter.
I am not complaining, I am enjoying the mild weather.  Bring on more weather like this. I don’t care if it’s global warming or climate change.
I’m just going to enjoy the weather that’s here and now.
This is Saskatchewan, we could have a rip roaring blizzard tomorrow for all we know.
On a personal note, with this diabetes that I have, it is doing things to my body I don’t like.
I was retaining fluid in my legs and I began to get water blisters on my shins.
Most ugly and very unwanted.
I put Aloe Vera gel on them and that helped.
My doctor sent me to Home Care so, for four weeks, I went to Home Care every Tuesday and Friday to have my legs wrapped.
At first I was dubious that it would help. Soon I had ankles again and the blisters were gone.
Then Home Care told me that was the end. I would have to get a pair of compression stockings.
Now, that became a real learning experience.
I had a pair before and they were terrible.
The nurses at Home Care recommended Jody from Sprucewood Pharmacy.
I learned there were different kinds of compression stockings. I got measured and got a pair that would fit me.  She showed us how to put them on.
What a difference. They are comfortable to wear.
There’s cotton in them so they are just like a pair of socks.
There are two downsides to this story: they cost $100 a pair ­— never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of paying $100 for a pair of socks!
The other downside is my feet have become too far away from my hands, or my arms have shrunk.
Now, I’m totally dependent on my wife to put them on and take them off.
I have put my own socks on for the last 68 years.
So this is where we are at!  I will have to be sure I treat her right.
Down on the farm, my man Jaco from South Africa, has just about got my F350 7.3L environmental polluter back together.  It was leaving a trail of fluid on the road before.
He had the heads off and replaced all the injector sleeves on the passenger side of the motor.
We think this could be the cause of the problem.
The O-rings on the injectors were in bad shape too. There was a slight accident putting the head back on and a new head gasket got wrecked.
Another new one is supposed to be in Saturday morning. Hopefully the truck will soon be on the road again.
The trial for Jian Ghomeshi is over.
He was charged with sexual assault for hitting some girls and choking them.  He claims it was consensual rough sex. This happened back in 2003.
I have to scratch my head and ask: why now?
The defense had evidence these three women had more than 1,000 cell phone calls between each other.
This reeks of collusion!
They also had love letters written to him after this rough sex happened, wanting to date him some more.
The whole thing is bizarre.
Nevertheless, Ghomeshi has been tried and convicted in the media.
He has been fired from his job at CBC Radio and he has been ordered to stay with his mother until the judge renders his decision at the end of March.
His life has been destroyed by three women scorned and an ambitious Crown prosecutor.
What a misuse of the court system.
Will this guy get off?  I doubt it, I have no faith in the justice system. I think his mother should have told him not to hit girls.
I think he is screwed!
The Liberals and Justin Trudeau have had A 100 days in office running the government. What has he done?
Well thousands of photo ops.
He has no concern for the environment as he has taken the government plane all over the world burning thousands of gallons of fuel.
Maybe his plane doesn’t emit carbon dioxide!
He has sent millions of dollars to other counties.
He has got about half the twenty-five thousand refugees to Canada he promised.
He got the Inquiry for missing and murdered aboriginal women going.
That will amount to air time and photo ops for a bunch of lawyers and much crying from older aboriginal women.
It will not find one killer.
He has stated he will recall the six fighter jets but now we will have ground troops.
Has he done any good yet?
No, this is much to do about nothing, but he has nice hair.
Enough said.
Joke of the week from Garry Taylor: This guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doc you have to help me. I can’t stop eating the wife’s house plants and I always feel like bunting the doors and furniture. I just feel like I am a goat.”
“How long have you felt like this,” asked the doctor?
“Well,” the guy said, “Ever since I was a kid.”
Baaaad joke, baaaad Joke!

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