Bye bye butterfly

The monarch butterfly is in decline.
It has been for some time, and Canadian Wildlife magazine reports it still is.
So what? more »

Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children

This is a time of year when there seems to be an abundance of kittens, puppies and other small creatures to be either given away or sold. more »

Farewell to cattle association

All’s well that ends well.
That’s the way it’s going to play out for the Lea Park Cattle Association, which is holding its farewell supper after 64 years of operations. more »

Don't leaf yet, it's time for Tree news

Have you noticed?
We are not respectful of our trees. I believe this is because they don’t advertise well. more »

Dads—real life heroes

During the Middle Ages in Catholic Europe, Saint Joseph’s Day (“Nourisher of the Lord”) was set aside to honour fatherhood, but a North American celebration didn’t begin until… more »

Seniors' grapevine rescues machine

The seniors’ news grapevine has helped to close the circle on the ownership history of an antique cable-tool well drilling machine. more »

Weed warrior

He is, simply, Canada’s Gardening guru, with an instantly recognizable face. He’s written more than 20 books and his columns—that appear in 29 newspapers, and other publications—are… more »

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